• Panels with animals from the Cortina Prosport estate
View of the mountains of Cortina from Fattormia Cortina Prosport


The mountains are our home and the place where our profession which is also our passion takes place, it is a lifestyle choice and a daily inspiration to share. The mountains and the Dolomites in particular are also a delicate territory, to be protected and taken care of.

So we asked ourselves what we could have done to give back some of what the mountain gives us.

With this spirit, the project “ La FattorMia di Cortina ProSport ” was born. Things? It is an environmental sustainability and social responsibility project aimed at supporting those who work every day taking care of the territory, protecting the environment and native biodiversity and rediscovering ancient professions that are now almost abandoned. We are talking about some of the local farms, small family-run businesses of excellence with organic production that also contribute to the beauty of the area by taking care, among other things, of mowing the lawns.

In collaboration with FattorMia , an innovative start-up that allows the adoption of plants and animals throughout Italy to individuals, schools and companies, this project was born to support two local farms and make them known to our customers: the Santer farm, in Cortina d'Ampezzo, and the SanWido farm, in San Vito di Cadore.

Customers who, at the time of rental, donate 1 euro (or more) to support the project will be able to follow the monthly updates for one year by entering the reserved area of the portal and learn about the life cycle of our animals month after month.

View of the Fattormia Cortina Prosport entrance